Scenario: Turkey Baster
Appeared: Volume XIV
Issue No.  1

Timmy, a hermitic, hermaphroditic, shut-in suffering From Tourette’s syndrome and
a badly clubbed foot, (From Mules & Vaughn staffers befriended when they came to
his home to sing to him and bring him day-old bread and out-dated milk as part of a
community service agreement with the local chapter of Charities for the Pious And
Self-Aggrandizing) has volunteered, for a nominal Sum and a bottle of Old Grandad,
to stick a new and unique Object up his ass each issue and report on the results.
We at M&V wish him luck and continued success, and May all his penetrations be
pleasant ones!

This Issue’s Featured Object:
Turkey Baster

Pleasure Rating: 7
Pain Rating: Not Available
Pain is kind of Pleasurable Rating: Not Available

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