And again we present the wacky adventures of Timmy; the hermitic, hermaphroditic, club-footed, Legionaries Disease carrier suffering from Tourette's syndrome that the M&V staff have taken under their wing and grown to love.  With just a little prodding, (and more than a little electroshock therapy) we were able to persuade Timmy to go for the new record(each month) in shoving something large and unique up his ass.

We at M&V wish him luck and continued success, and may all his penetrations be pleasant ones!

And we keep our fingers crossed that he isn't injured, yet again!  We can't afford to keep sending this guy to get help!

This Month's item...
How could anyone be confused by THIS?? An entire box of Florida State Presidential Voting Ballots

For some reason or another, the current vote has had a rash of apparently irreparable problems, stemming most condensedly from a State of squeezed oranges.  A supposed confusing ballot system has left the indecision of presidential nomination doggedly open and rather tedious.  Personally we feel the whole damn system belongs up Timmy’s ass…

Pain rating: 6 (mostly paper cuts)
Pleasure rating: 5 (mostly due to political lampooning fantasies during insertion)
Pain is kinda 
Pleasure rating:
Too close to call
Additional Notes: None
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