We need to come out and say, we are not media & glory whores.  Well, at least, 
not yet.  But, until we can actually warrant our celebrity, we want to take the time
to remember those that have been there from the start. 
Here is a list of our thanks!

 "Led, for helping Timmy to realize his dream"

  Basically, the site and group that started it all!  This is the place of Timmy's initial
  homepage.  Visit it for all the new monthly updates, and come back here for
  everything else you wanted to know about Timmy...but were afraid to probe.

  Jeri Ryan's Fan Club for getting someone to make the site, so we could copy their
  site.  Thanks....even if we get sewed.  Still, thanks!
   (The Old Look, but we'll still take the time to say thanks, for being HOT!)

  Puck, for programming this site.

  The Countless Things That have gone in Timmy's ass, since the beginning.