Welcome to the new look to Timmy The Anal Volunteer's Archive!!  Coincidently,
this is also what the new look to Mules & Vaughn will also look like, seeing how
we're run by the same people!  So if you try to use the left side bar, you may or may
not run into problems with broken links.  If you want to go to Mules & Vaughn, then I
suggest you click on their name, and browse their site from there.  If you'd like to
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New look takes effect
Yeah yeah yeah, as a writer for the Timmy project, 
I've been pressed to actually do my damn job.  Boy,
the life a slacker, it's...well, not a pressure situation if 
you get my drift.  However, since Timmy got healthy, 
the need to actually do things for the website became 
important again.  Once again, the site and Mules &
Vaughn are sorry for accidently killing Timmy.  We're
also aware of a certain sect of people that did not like
us using a scab in Timmy's absense.  It was 
necessary, because we try to keep you guys 
interested in a guy who jams things up his ass.

06.24.00   New design slowly taking effect.  Also
updated the archives to reflect Timmy's recovery
as well as the new object, *NSync's album.

05.26.00   Proposed "World Tour" idea in the
works.  For future details, watch this site!

05.01.00   New Timmy Animated Banner
completed for distribution on the internet.
Click Here for banner.

11.03.99  Added this picture of a loyal Timmy 
supporter.  The stickers are still available!
Click On Me For A Larger(Full) Version
(Photo Taken At San Diego Comic-Con '99)

11.01.99  Added the October Item to the Archives.


New:  06/24/00