Scenario: *NSync
Appeared: Web Page
May '00

And again we present the wacky adventures of Timmy; the hermitic, hermaphroditic,
club-footed, Legionaries Disease carrier suffering from Tourette's syndrome that the
Mules & Vaughn staff have taken under their wing and grown to love.  With just a 
little prodding, (and more than a little electroshock therapy) we were able to 
persuade Timmy to go for the new record(each month) in shoving something large
and unique up his ass.

We at M&V wish him luck and continued success, and may all his penetrations be pleasant ones!
You can almost see the Studio execs' hands above the curtains.
AT long last, this month is the 

Timmy Is still starting small after the near fatal 
experience of dropping a 
truck into his ass a few months ago, and 
decided to try placing a new and popular CD into 
his bum, complete with jewel case...

Timmy the Anal Volunteer, a favorite among fans of M&V's antics and a staple in 
the Anal movement, was recently -at last- releaseed from the hospital after the near
fatal ass-ramming of the now controversial "Death Defying Mazda Anal Plunge." 
M&V staffers insisted that he was again fit for duty and, with the help of several
electric cattle prods, convinced Timmy of the same.  Timmy's doctors, who only
months ago had to remove sections of a truck from the "Volunteer's" cavity,
cautioned him to "slowly work his way back onto, erm, into his work."  Sadly, it is
such reasoning that the fan fave Timmy has had the new N'SYNC CD chosen as 
his first item following his hospital time.

Timmy's Results 
Pain Rating: 2  -  I'm still recovering from the Mazda incident, and
       things are feeling a bit tight going up.
Pleasure Rating: 3  -  I derive no pleasure from N'Sync.  Their new album,
       "No Strings Attched", is an interesting title, as the ONLY
       pleasure I DID derive from this little episode was when
       the studio execs started pulling their meal-ticket pretty
       boys' album back OUT of my ass!  The single song on
       the CD rumored to have actually been written by the
       group had a particularly sour feeling to it's exit.
Pain Is Pleasure
0  -  None
Notes: Fucking 90degree angles on jewel case corners are a
tight motherfuckingsqueeze!!!!!  Where's my medication,
bitch!?!?!  The M&V execs told me I could have more
The Phreak. Disclaimer
We at M&V would like to again apologize for Timmy's
Tourette's Syndrome acting up.  The Phreak, who was 
suppossed to administer Timmy's medication this 
morning, will be shot.
Next Month!!!     New Timmy Action!!!