Scenario: The Midget Head
Appeared: Volume XIV
Issue No.  2

Once again we present the wacky adventures of Timmy: The hermitic, 
hermaphroditic, club-footed Legionnaire’s Disease carrier suffering from Tourette’s
syndrome that The Mules & Vaughn staff have taken under their wing and grown 
to love.  With just a little prodding, (and more than a little electroshock therapy) we
were able to persuade Timmy to go for the record in shoving something 
Large and unique up his ass.  We at M&V wish him luck and continued success,
and may all his penetrations be pleasant ones! 

This Issue’s Featured Object:
The greased head of a naked circus midget

Pleasure Rating: 1
Pain Rating: 9
Pain is kind of Pleasurable Rating: 7.5

Additional Comments: Vick’s Vapo-Rub is great lube. 
I like the icy cold sensation.  Midgets have big fucking