Scenario: Timmy A.M.D.P.
Appeared: Website
Late December '99/January '00

Once again we present the wacky adventures of Timmy: The hermitic, 
hermaphroditic, club-footed Legionnaire’s Disease carrier suffering from Tourette’s
syndrome that The Mules & Vaughn staff have taken under their wing and grown 
to love.  With just a little prodding, (and more than a little electroshock therapy) we
were able to persuade Timmy to go for the record in shoving something 
Large and unique up his ass.  We at M&V wish him luck and continued success,
and may all his penetrations be pleasant ones! 

This Issue’s Featured Object:
   NO ITEMS!!!  Geezus, he's in the hospital!!!

That's right, fellow Timmy followers, Timmy is STILL in hospital, but it looks as
though he's going to be OK.   Seen on the RIGHT is the scene only minutes after
Timmy the Anal Volunteer's ill-fated ultima-stunt (The "The Death Defying Mazda
Anal Plunge!" - see HERE for the whole November story).  Hospital staff and several
tow-truck drivers worked frantically to pull the vehicle (shown) from Timmy's colon
after the premature rear-ending of our favorite staffer.  While Timmy struggled for his
life, a barrage of conspiracy theories and allegations soon surrounded the incident. 

However, in an interesting twist, Timmy refuses
to have the truck removed from his body. Even
going as far to claim that it is his child. 
Well known lawyer,  Johnny Cochrane begun
what his nearly famous "if it doesn't fit, you
must acquit" defense.  Many law experts think 
that Cochrane is a delusional ass and
trying to discredit him as we speak. 
However, back to the original subject, some
others are calling for a special
referrendum on Roe Vs. Wade, in hopes to 
come to some sort of conclusion on this issue.

Pleasure Rating:
   I'm still in a LOT of fucking pain, thanks.

Pain Rating:
   Not Ablicable.

Pain is kind of Pleasurable Rating:
   Get me outta here... the nurses tease me.  Fucking whores!

Additional Comments: