Scenario: The Gerbils
Appeared: Volume XIV
Issue No.  3

And again we present the the wacky adventures of Timmy; the hermitic, 
hermaphroditic, club-footed, Legionaires Disease carrier suffering from Tourette’s 
syndrome that the Mules & Vaughn staff have taken under their wing and grown to 
love.  With just a little prodding, (and more than a little electroshock therapy) we 
were able to persuade Timmy to go for the new record (each week) in shoving
something large and unique up his ass.  We at M&V wish him luck and continued
success, and may all his penetrations be pleasant ones! 

This issue’s Featured Object:
To honor Timmy’s urban legend hero, Richard Gere, Jimmy sublets his colon to a
family of rabid gerbils from sicily and an irish Bo Weavil.  Watch the passion and 
love of your favorite anal vermin family move on up to the east side. 

Pleasure rating: oddly, an 8 
Pain rating: ...hmmmmm.... 

Additional comments:
Hours of move-in time were a great pay-off.  I wholly endorse lubricant 
products. Squirming gerbil hairs fucking itch my ass!