Scenario: Dolls, Dolls, Dolls
Appeared: Webpage
October '99

And again we present the the wacky adventures of Timmy; the hermitic, 
hermaphroditic, club-footed, Legionaires Disease carrier suffering from Tourette’s 
syndrome that the Mules & Vaughn staff have taken under their wing and grown 
to love.  With just a little prodding, (and more than a little electroshock therapy) 
we were able to persuade Timmy to go for the new record (each week) in shoving
something large and unique up his ass.  We at M&V wish him luck and continued 
success, and may all his penetrations be pleasant ones!

This issue’s Featured Object:
Thankfully the courts saw Timmy's side of the case, and Kato is now somewhere
else.  It was a mess!  I know you'll probably not understand, but have you ever 
seen a Collagen treatment squirt out Bruno Magli shoes, a rubber glove, hair dye,
and a couple of boxes of Fabio porn? 

How This Works, And Why We Think Timmy Will Love This Month!
Coming out of his four point stance, standard of how we insert things into Timmy, 
he begins to stand up.  With him standing, the Doll is standing, and that in turn
makes the Doll's eyes open up.  Then, as Timmy makes a move makes his colon
now become parallel with the ground, the Doll inside will close it's eyes.  The extra
long lashes will brush along the inners of Timmy's colon, massaging it for that
"Spring Fresh" feeling. 

a The Recipe For This Procedure
1. Image A is when the Doll is laying down.

2. Image B is when the Doll is standing up.

3. One Copy Of Tai-Bo Advanced, For Deep Squat Thrusts.

1. Timmy begins by standing up.

2. Timmy then begins by squatting down.

3. Rinse, Wash, Repeat.

The hardest part of this ordeal was watching Billy Blanks.  First off, isn't Tai Bo
what Miyagi taught Daniel-son?  I mean, pardon my French, but the Mutha Fucka
acted like a crane!  Of all the birds one could fear in the bird family kingdom, a bird
made famous via origami doesn't scare me!  I could pull out a Post-It or a fucking 
unhappy dollar from Dennis Miller and show you a damn crane...much less bitch 
kick some blonde from B-movie obscurity!  Anyway...back to Billy "I needed a job, 
so I make America do this shitty excuse for a martial art....or line dance" Blanks. 
Here's another guy who I wish would fall off the boat and join Kato--in obscurity, not
my ass!

This has been Timmy...and I'll see you...In My Colon!

Pleasure rating: 0, 7 For The Billy Blanks Video
Pain rating: 0, 7 For The Billy Blanks Video
Pain Is Pleasure rating: 0 On Both Accounts

Additional comments:
Much like Slinkie, I got hours upon hours of fun with this! 
There were times I wish I had a Stairmaster so I could go up
and down stairs all day!  I've applied to NASA to further my
"experiments" in Zero-Gravity, to help further sexual pleasure
into the 21st Century.