Scenario: The Check Up
Appeared: Volume XIV
Issue No.  3 

We at Mules & Vaughn have always taken a great interest in the health and 
well-being of our staffers, thus we're happy to foot the bill for thrice weekly 
proctologic exams for our very own “Timmy, The Anal Volunteer”. 

The integrity of Timmy's rectal lining is very important to everyone around here, 
and we would hate to think of his tender tunnel taking so much abuse without 
proper medical care.

Recently, we thought it would make a great human interest piece if Timmy were to
draw upon his extensive experience at the doctor's office to provide us with a list of
ten burning, sensitive, highly inflammatory questions he hopes, unlike himself, that
you never have to ask while undergoing this exam.

After a bit of cajoling , a sound lashing with a knotted cedar cane, and two weeks in
the box, Timmy heartily agreed to provide us with the list that follows.

In no particular order:

01. Why three fingers?
02. When I asked for “a little lube”, why did you spit in my asshole?
03. Do these exams normally take an hour and fifteen minutes?
04. Can I take my feet out of these stirrups while you're having that cigarette?
05. Are missionary, doggie style, and reverse cowgirl all completely necessary in
      order to achieve accurate results?
06. How does it help the test if I keep calling you “Jesse” in a low, throaty whisper?
07. Is that a camera over in the corner?
08. Why do I have to wear a cock ring?
09. What do you mean when you say “Shut up! I'm almost there!”?
10. Are you going to charge me extra for the reach around?blank